22 April 2011


S03E10 - "Soulmates" (B)
"Burger vs. Burger"
          It's hard enough to write a great episode of television, but it's even harder to write the episode that comes after it.  Parks and Rec had been on fire when it came to cold opens, and the Ron Swanson tooth-pull is undoubtedly the apex of that streak.  In this one, Joe, the creepy and lecherous head of the sewage department, hits on Leslie Knope.  It's so-so.


S07E21 - "Michael's Last Dundies" (C-)
"The One Where Toby Sums It Up Perfectly"
          "I really disagree with this.  I think it's kind of hateful."

          This is a line of dialog given to Toby at the end of the episode.  While it applies to the situation he is in (receiving yet another derogatory award from Michael) I can't help but feel it's a subversive line planted by one of the show's writers who might not be fond of the show's tone over the past few episodes.


S02E21 - "Paradigms of Human Memory" (B+)
"Best. Clip Show. Ever."
          It's a clip show, but it isn't, and for that we can all be thankful.  Not that Community doesn't have a wealth of funny material in it's catalog of episodes, but clip shows tend so suck.  Leave it to Community to poke fun at an old TV standby, and do a damn fine job of it.


S05E20-21 "100" (D)
"Self-Reference Is Funny, Right?"
          100 episodes is a milestone, regardless of genre, and against all odds, 30 Rock has made it.  But at what cost?

20 April 2011

On DS9 and the "Mirror, Mirror" Universe

          So, I'm watching DS9 for the first time.  I'm not what most would consider a Trekkie, I'm more of a Normal with Trek-like tendencies.  I've seen Next Generation and the original series several times at this point, and it will probably be a couple of years before I can watch either show again.  I never really got into DS9 when it was on the air, I think I gave up somewhere in the first season, and not without good reason.  The first three seasons of the show were quite lacking, as the show's creators failed to live up to their promise of creating a Star Trek with more edge to it.  Things don't get truly interesting until the Dominion war begins, which doesn't happen until season five.  And as far as the Dominion goes, don't they seem quite like the Borg without the biomechanical implants?

18 April 2011


S03E09 - "Fancy Party" (A)
"The One Where Shit Gets All Sentimental"
          Hot damn, this is one good episode.  Parks and Rec will never be a ratings powerhouse, but most truly great comedies have abysmal ratings.

          The cold open has one of the best Ron Swanson moments of the series, with Ron pretending to pull a tooth in order to impress his colleagues.  Nick Offerman has tapped into something truly wonderful with his character, where the quality of the writing combined with the subtlety with which he plays Ron Swanson creates instant comedy gold.


S07E20 - "Training Day" (C+)
"The One Where Will Ferrell Makes a Funny"
          Steve Carell and Will Ferrell go back a ways.  In fact, Carell's audition tape for Anchorman (in which he nails the part instantly) recently surfaced in internetland.  That being said, one would expect more of a dynamic between the two.  Instead, what we get is a near-clone of Michael Scott in the form of Deangelo Vickers.  The differences between the two are subtle, and they're both none too bright, with Vickers possessing stronger social skills.